Welcome to the FDN Project

We at the Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems are working on the extension of Serverless Computing for heterogeneous platforms (the computing continuum) using a network of distributed heterogeneous target platforms called Function Delivery Network (FDN) analogous to Content Delivery Networks. FDN provides Function Delivery as a Service (FDaaS), delivering the function to the right target platform based on the required computational and data demand. Below figure outlines the overall architecture and high-level workflow of the Function Delivery Network (FDN).

The user provided application describing the functions, APIs, permissions, configurations, and events is taken by the FDN Control Plane. It manages function scheduling and data placement, monitors the overall infrastructure and applications, and provides access control for authentication and authorization. The functions are scheduled to the target platforms based on the specification.

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We are located at Technische Universität München Informatik 10, Lehrstuhl für Rechnerarchitektur & Parallele Systeme (Prof. Schulz)).

We are grateful for funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the scope of the Software Campus program, Google Cloud Platform for providing Google Cloud Research Credits, and BMW München.


2. November 2021

Paper titled IAD: Indirect Anomalous VMMs Detection in the Cloud-based Environment has been accepted at AIOps workshop, the companion of the 19th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing, ICSOC 20201. More Details.

28. October 2021

Our paper titled FedLess: Secure and Scalable Federated Learning using Serverless Computing has been accepted In IEEE Conference on BigData (BigData’21), 2021. More Details.

26. October 2021

Paper titled Estimating the Capacities of Function-as-a-Service Functions has been accepted at IEEE/ACM 10th CloudAM Workshop 2021. More Details.

21. October 2021

Paper titled Towards Demystifying Intra-Function Parallelism in Serverless Computing has been accepted at ACM/IFIP WoSC@Middleware’21. More Details.

15. October 2021

Paper titled Courier: Delivering Serverless Functions Within Heterogeneous FaaS Deployments has been accepted at IEEE/ACM UCC 2021. More Details.

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